theatre, music, dance and other encounters taking place under “the light of the sun and the other stars” 

Every summer since 2013, the island of Stromboli (Messina, Italy) has been hosting the Eco Logical Theater Fest: a full week of events featuring artists and spectators from all over the world together with the island’s inhabitants and shared events that are all “unplugged”, meaning no electrical energy is used for lighting and sound. The bodies of the spectators and the performers (actors, singers, musicians and dancers, in addition to writers, volcanologists, archeologists, geologists, astronomers, philosophers and other scholars) are all illuminated by the same light, i.e. by “the sun or other stars” as well as fire and candlelight. The performances featured in the Fest are all site-specific and do not make any use of electronic modification or acoustical amplification. The day after each event, spectators and performers are all invited to meet and chat at Bar Ingrid to discuss their impressions. During the long days of June (it doesn’t get dark until 9:30 at night), the Fest also offers seminars, courses and workshops for children focusing on ecological issues.


The Eco Logical Theater Fest is an "island" of unpolluted acoustics that offers an opportunity to put human beings back at the center of live performance as well as a chance to save energy. It is also a special occasion to visit and get to know Stromboli island in an original and eclectic way.

By following the events offered by the festival, you can see places and panoramas not always accessible to the public: not only natural sites such as caves, beaches, rocks, slopes, public places like churchyards, squares and jetties, but also private homes and terraces opened especially to the Festival and the people attending it.


An innovative and ecological way to do theatre, giving the audience a chance to hear, the human voice without the distortion of electronic amplification. Such an ancient experience it almost seems brand-new... a re-education of listening, a theatre of wellness that will win you over!

D di Repubblica - June 2016 


Where the use of electricity is not strictly necessary

Fluidonumero9 is an association of social promotion constituted by professionals and dedicated to the training of actors and the production of live performances, with particular interest in the voice and in the artist's body as a means for thought and energy free from technological filters. The association organizes Linklater Method workshops at major Film& TV schools in Italy, as well as abroad. In 2013, Fluidonumero9 founded the EcoLogical Unplugged Theatre Festival of Stromboli, awarded with a Medal of the President of the Italian Republic in 2014

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The Ricola brand was created by confectionery business Richterich & Compagnie in 1930 based on the twin pillars of innovation and quality awareness. The family company now exports its herb specialties to more than 50 countries around the world. As a pioneer in organic herb cultivation, Ricola’s close ties with culture and architecture were established early on in the company’s history. These ties are further reinforced through the two Ricola foundations and its own art collection.