Voice, text & Perfomance

15th - 30th June 2022


Voice & Text international workshop of Linklater Voice Method

Led by Alessandro Fabrizi, Leonardo Gambardella e Susan Main



The workshop is designed to free and develop the speaking voice so to fulfill the communicative needs of performing and non-performing artists. The workshop is open to professional actors, actors in training, singers, physical therapists, writers and whoever may be interested in language and in its performance. No previous Linklater Voice training necessary. The workshop runs from 10 am - 1pm, 3 pm - 6 pm in an outdoor venue with the chance of an extra session running between 6pm-7.30 pm. 


The schedule is as follows: 





A practical and  sensory exploration of the Linklater voice work. The overall function of the work is to remove the physical and psychological blocks that inhibit the human vocal instrument. The objective of the work is a voice in direct contact with emotional impulse, shaped by the intellect but not restricted by it. As we work with releasing the voice from the body, we will work viscerally with language and text transforming communication and interpretive skills.



  • 22nd – 26th June: SOUND & MOVEMENT


A progression of individual and collective experiences. The aim is to learn how to meet the demands of a text by developing a synthetic understanding of sounds, images, feelings, ideas and mnemonic and emotional stimuli connected to its exploration. Stimuli bear influence on breathing and breathing influences the body; sound is explored both as an expressive and evocative content of text.



  • 27th-30th June: FINAL PERFORMANCE

Final performance hosted by the Eco Logical Theatre Fest and directed by a professional director. 

Covid-19 emergency: the workshop will follow the latest safety measures against the spread of covid-19. 


For further information on the workshop and pictures from the past editions visit our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/LinklaterStromboli;


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Leonardo Gambardella

Mobile & WhatsApp: +39 339 4819336

Email: labvoce@gmail.com